The economic engine of any country is not the ‘Governing body’.

What creates wealth, is the enginuity of it’s people and their labor. That is what fuel’s a country’s economy, producing needed products, services and consumables for the survival and comfort of the people.

The Governing body’ take’s some of that fuel that would have expanded the economy, siphoning a portion, for it’s own expansion and existence, which strangles the growth of a country’s economy at the expense of it’s citizen’s.

Taking money (fuel) from business and  the people to push it’s agendas for what they (in most cases) think is good for the people.

Unfortunetly they become a hindrance to the economic engine rather than a accelerater.

They pass excessive Regulations and Taxes.  The more government does for the people the more the economy is throttled back over time.

Government projects hardly ever finish on time and/or within budget. It seems over-runs are the norm. The results they expected just never seems to work out as promoted.  ACA, known as ObamaCare is  a good example, but as we know there are so many others.  Efficiency is not a big factor with government and her contractor’s.

Over runs are very common.

So why would you think that funneling more of the people’s or businesses money into government is a way to expand the economy.

Efficient economic expansion will come by reducing taxes & regulation on business. That is the only fuel government can efficiently add.

Government reminds me of the Clinton Foundation. Taking in donation from the folks, then utilizing about 94% of the money for various operating expenses, leaving 6% for charitable effort for the needy.

I guess something is better than nothing.

We the people can’t do anything about the inefficiency at the Clinton Foundation, but we can vote for people in government who understand, our growth as a Nation, is dependent on people and their efforts, not the trickle down efforts of government with it’s excessive overhead and inefficient method’s of redistribution.